Aim Solar Energy an (SPV)is a cleandevelopment company that focuses on Solar as it main technology source. Aim solar will joint manufacturer, and deploys an entire ecosystem supporting the world's largest thin-film silicon PV modules and mono Crystalline technologies enabling the lowest installed system cost without the use of any toxic or rare materials.

The continued Public and Private Partnership with Governments Aim solar target is to deploy 300 MGWs of clean energy and within 10 years lighting up in region of 5,000,000 houses.This project will run in conjunction with developing one most unque City Infrastructure program where by 0 omissions for a dense population will be in the forefront vision.

Our motivations can be directed through the simple analysis of the world's power consumption, and the sources of how power is produced. The statistics are staggering and clearly shows the road that we are following hence our continued commitment within industrial and habitual sectors.

Committed into renewables, and was set up as an SPV to implement the vision of a better way of living that supports and increases the pillars of
1. People and social equity
2. Pollution Free and developing a clean environment,
3. Profit and improving the Economy.
4. Performance and establishing highest form success
5. Preservation, utilising natural sources.